How to Keep Your Balance on the Pickleball Court: 11 Useful Tips

How to Keep Your Balance on the Pickleball Court: 11 Useful Tips

Since balance is a key skill for pickleball success, here are 11 tips to help you improve your balance during the game:

1. Good Footwork:

Pay attention to your footwork throughout the pickleball game. Keep your feet about the same width as your shoulders, with your weight evenly spread between them. Stay on the front part of your feet to enable quick movements in any direction on the court.

2. Stay Low:

Bend your knees and get into a slightly bent position (i.e., an athletic position). Staying low helps you have a solid and stable base, making it easier to move fast and react to shots effectively.

3. Use Small Steps:

Take small, quick steps instead of big strides on the pickleball court. Small steps allow you to change direction more quickly and maintain better balance during side-to-side movements (which are very important in pickleball).

4. Paddle Positioning:

Keep your pickleball paddle in a ready position that is raised and in front of your body. This will help you be prepared to react to incoming shots and maintain better balance during quick exchanges, as it will require less movement that may make you lose balance.

5. Focus on Core Strength:

Strengthening your core muscles is essential for better balance. Include core exercises in your training routine to improve stability on the pickleball court.

6. Avoid Overreaching:

Try to avoid reaching too far or stretching too much for shots, especially when off-balance. Instead, use proper footwork and positioning to get to the ball in a balanced way (i.e., take another small step if needed).

7. Recover After Each Shot:

After hitting a shot on the pickleball, make a conscious effort to recover to the best court positioning (which is usually in sync with your partner and at the Kitchen line). This helps you stay balanced (and in position so you are not stretching too much) and ready for the next shot from your opponent.

8. Controlled Swing:

Maintain control over your swings, especially when hitting powerful shots. Swinging too hard can lead to loss of balance and accuracy. In particular, keep your backswings to a minimum.

9. Practice Balance Drills:

Include balance drills in your training sessions. For example, try doing lunges, one-legged stands, or squats to improve your balance and stability on the pickleball court.

10. Stay Relaxed:

Tension can disrupt your balance. Stay relaxed when playing pickleball, and focus on breathing evenly to keep your body loose and responsive.

11. Warm Up Properly:

Before playing pickleball, warm up your body with dynamic stretches and movements. This prepares your muscles and joints for the demands of the game (in other words, warms up your ability to balance on the court), as well as reduces the risk of injuries.
By following these tips in your pickleball game and regular training routine, you will enhance your balance and stability, giving yourself an advantage on the pickleball court.

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