Load image into Gallery viewer, Hikeen 20L Swim Buoy
Load image into Gallery viewer, Hikeen 20L Swim Buoy
Load image into Gallery viewer, Hikeen 20L Swim Buoy
Load image into Gallery viewer, Hikeen 20L Swim Buoy
Load image into Gallery viewer, Hikeen 20L Swim Buoy
Load image into Gallery viewer, Hikeen 20L Swim Buoy
Load image into Gallery viewer, Hikeen 20L Swim Buoy

Hikeen 20L Swim Buoy

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[VISIBILITY IN OPEN WATER]The Hikeen Swim Buoy is a bright orange colour that stands out in the water and is clearly visible in open water, it's perfect for open water swimmers, triathletes or anyone else who wants to increase their confidence in the water.

[Large Dry Storage with Touch Screen] The IPX7 waterproof closed zip to ensure a perfect seal and large visual storage compartments provide complete protection for your belongings, touch screen function allows the phone to navigate and capture images anywhere during swimming !

[AMPLE SPACE FOR YOUR GEAR]The Swim Buoy Dry Bag has a 20L capacity, which is large enough to hold your essential gear and has an extra waterproof lining than swim buoys on the market. The double waterproof lining keeps your spare clothes, keys and wallet drier during the swim.

[Toughened nylon PVC material]Ensures a high level of durability and puncture protection against the harshest conditions, not only prolonging the life of the swim buoy, but also increasing buoyancy and stability to enhance the swimmers experience in the water.

[Safe Place to Float and Res]Swim bubbles are light enough to carry on a paddleboard or kayak trip and provide a safer place for swimmers in case you cramp up or need to take a break, but they are not a replacement for a personal flotation device (PFD) or lifejacket.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Easy to use

?I liked that it was easy to blow up. Easy to use. The zipper was a little hard to open up at first, but was fine once I opened it the first time.

J. Warren
Bright orange

?I found this to be a very bright orange buoy. Its feels like something you could see some distance. Overall I thought it was nice. Terrible. I was able to unzip the that protective case. And this way you can put a cell phone or something in there you want to stay dry. It does seem to be possibly waterproof. Overall, I thought this was nice. It has an easy area to blow it up. The handle seems nice as well. Do you want to have a cell phone floating around This might be a good idea.

Lisa Herndon
Great product

I bought this for open water swim training. Its easy in inflate, deflate & even easier to use. Its great because you can store your phone in while swimming without having to worry about it getting wet. This is a great product & I wont do open water swimming without it.

Not waterproof

Hi, well, the pocket on this thing is great in theory, but it is NOT actually waterproof. So make sure whatever you have in there is in something waterproof! Its incredibly obvious with a zipper doesnt close all the way.

Steve N
Bright, reliable buoy (but has no inside storage space)

I love the fact that the clear pocket for the phone is always visible but other buoys I've used also had an inside storage compartment that could be filled with small items (shorts, t-shirt, keys, so I wouldn't have to leave anything on shore when swimming) and I miss that storage space. However, this feels sturdier and I'd feel safer with this buoy if I ever needed to use it for "safety" so I will definitely use this one for snorkeling and other swims when I don't mind leaving things on the beach. I haven't tried the touchscreen yet (one thing I like about swimming is getting away from technology) but it's nice to be able to glance at my phone while swimming to be sure no urgent messages have come through. If I put my phone in facing the opposite direction, I can take photos using my Apple Watch (I haven't tried this in the water yet but it works on dry land).