Load image into Gallery viewer, Hikeen Kayak Paddle Grips 2 Packs
Load image into Gallery viewer, Hikeen Kayak Paddle Grips 2 Packs
Load image into Gallery viewer, Hikeen Kayak Paddle Grips 2 Packs
Load image into Gallery viewer, Hikeen Kayak Paddle Grips 2 Packs
Load image into Gallery viewer, Hikeen Kayak Paddle Grips 2 Packs
Load image into Gallery viewer, Hikeen Kayak Paddle Grips 2 Packs

Hikeen Kayak Paddle Grips 2 Packs

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  • Ergonomic kayak paddle grips: Makes grip easier and provides a comfortable handle in wet conditions. With this silicone paddle grip, you will get more pull strength while paddling because you can hold the paddle more tightly without blisters
  • NOTE: Only fit for Take-Apart Paddles with a diameter of around 1.18 inches.NOT for one-piece paddles. Please measure the diameter of the paddle shaft before purchasing to ensure the grip will not slide around during use
  • Installation Tips:To facilitate installation, you can use a light amount of soapy water or some other light lubricant that can be wiped with water to help with installation
  • Build to last: Silicone grips require very low maintenance costs. Unlike competitors, our grips are thicker and a little extra diameter adds to the paddle shaft helps keep your hands from fatiguing
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We are sure you will never have any issues with your new purchase but in the uncommon case you do, just let us know and we will make it right! We strive to make all our customers satisfaction with our products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
M. Reim
Great grips

I am so glad to have made my paddle more comfortable to hold. My hands dont get blisters and I there is no need to wear paddling gloves to protect them.

Vladimir L.
Works very well for my new carbon fiber paddle

I was looking at something to prevent chaffing when I kayak. The cheap paddles I had only came with rubber grips that felt very uncomfortable. This seems to provide with me more grip. One issue was putting them on. I had to put soap to make it slipper., then I was able to slide them into place.

Too big

The grip is just a bit bigger than the paddle that I have so they slide down the handle. When you put them where you want them and you’re holding onto the grips, they work perfect and they’re very comfortable but like I said, once you let go, they can shimmy down the handle on you.

Good quality, well made

Fits my Pelican paddle properly. A bit difficult to remove, but I suppose that's a good thing as it won't be slipping around once it's on & it gets wet.

These made all the difference

I was having some nasty hand-related while paddling my kayak. I tried padded gloves and wrapping the paddle with padded tape and other padded foam and nothing helped. I almost was ready to give up kayaking.But after trying these I found they made a lot of difference. At first I thought that they weren't padded enough but I think they are just right. In fact, after some thought, I think perhaps I was using TOO much padding before. These are padded enough to prevent blisters and rubbing from the hard paddle shaft, but grippy and firm enough for my hands to not move around too much to cause that rubbing. I still use these with bike gloves but the combo of the gloves and these grips really makes a difference.They are pretty easy to slide on if the paddle shaft is hot. The color is also good for visibility I suppose.The only minor issue I have is that they sometimes move up or down on the shaft of the paddle when the paddle gets warm in the hot sun.I didn't take off a star for this because I don't see how they could be made to be able to slide on the shaft yet be so tight that they would never move at all. I used a compression tape (like is used for plumbing repair and other things) wrapped around the shaft on either side of the grips to stop it from ever moving, it only needed one wrap of tape and that was it.So overall they are really good, do their job and seem to be durable.